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Staffing Solutions

Staffing and consulting services

Staffing and consulting services play an important role in the operation of a business. You need employees whether you are a small startup, a small business, or a giant corporation. Because hiring and recruitment is a time-consuming and costly procedure, several startups and SMEs may choose short-term staff whom we provide for certain projects and activities. This has the advantages of lowering costs, gaining access to quality labour, and regulating organisational activities.

Contract Staffing

Looking for help to supplement your workforce? Save time and money by letting us recruit, test, and place the people you require for a contract placement. Contract staffing lowers your overheads while increasing production.

Contract to Hire Staffing

Do you require more time before making a hiring decision? We can put people initially on a contract basis. Then, once the contract is over, you can assess whether they are a good fit for permanent employment on your team.

Permanent Staffing

Do you require full-time, permanent employees? We also hire professionals to work directly for you from the beginning.

HR and Payroll services

Human resources and payroll are crucial components of any firm, regardless of industry. This is why we offer H.R. & Payroll services as standard. We handle all aspects of human resources for you, so you can relax. As a result, you will be able to devote more time and resources to your primary business activities.

International Staffing

TBH Staffing also offers international staffing services to assist companies that may have a global reach.

Process Outsourcing

  • Medical: With highly dependable and cost-effective business strategies, we handle the entire medical coding, transcribing, and billing process.
  • Invoicing: We handle the entire invoice and payment follow up process, allowing clients to focus on their primary business activities.
  • Accounting: We handle accounting processes through dedicated and qualified accounting staff.