The Brain Hawk Consultant


HR Advisory Solution

For Startups

A fresh startup entrepreneur has a lot of tasks to complete! Consider your go-to-market plan. Sell your idea. Obtain funding. Look for growth. You could be concerned about finding a group with the same goals and zeal.

The problems that come with bringing people on board, making sure they stick around and become an essential part of your business, etc. The list goes on and on! We recognise that at a startup, when the environment is extremely dynamic, you, the “Entrepreneur,” should concentrate on running your firm while we handle the rest.

As soon as you have a team in place to handle the process independently, our experts or consultants will operate or manage it for you until that point. They will then hand the process off to you so that you can go on. We want you to concentrate on innovation, take calculated risks, develop, and delegate any HR concerns to us.

We support you till you believe your own team is capable of moving things forward.

For Small & Micro Enterprises

SMEs have distinct hurdles as a result of their size. While larger organisations may afford to hire a team of specialists to manage the difficulties of administering HR programmes, this is not an option for many SMBs. Hiring highly qualified HR specialists on a full-time basis is likely to be prohibitively expensive for many smaller organisations. As a result, HR activities are frequently delegated to line managers.

We support your organisation in developing the HR department, streamlining existing HR procedures, and driving transformation. We undertake a thorough investigation into your company’s nature, inherent issues associated with your industry, and product line, and then provide solutions that are best suited to your needs.

For Medium Enterprises

AAs a medium-sized firm, your company has already experienced development and evolution over the years. According to a recent CII study, over 20% of mid-sized enterprises have no HR departments, and the bulk of the rest use HR primarily as an administrative role. Medium-sized businesses must have HR practises in place in order to continue growing and ensuring their long-term success in the market. To assure success, medium-sized businesses may always learn from the big players and manage their HR difficulties. AMS understands such organisations’ needs and provides consultation services on process adoption and operational excellence in Human Resources. If you already have an HR function, we can assist you with identifying the “Wastes” in your current system.