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Exit Management,
Offboarding Checklist &
Exit Interviews

Keep the right people

You want to make certain that the correct people remain. At the same time, things don’t always work out, and you have to make difficult decisions to let people go.

Understanding what motivates people and why they remain or go is critical to retaining the best employees.

When it comes to managing an exit from the business, whether it’s due to dismissals, restructures, or redundancies, having a fair and compliant process in place is critical to protecting your company from any future claim or legal action.

Managing retention or exit in any business is complicated, but we’re here to help.

Employee Engagement Surveys

We can deploy surveys to assist you in improving the experience, performance, and retention of the right personnel.

HR Policies

We can design policies and provide direction to ensure that your dismissal procedure is legally compliant.

Why Choose TBH Exit Support?